Thursday, June 12, 2008

God's Glorious Day!

Well, once again, I have risen to a beautiful morning. Another miracle! Have you ever stopped to think how truly amazing that is? That you live and breathe and create? It took a bout with cancer for God to remind me what a special gift life is. I thank Him for pulling me through the storm and letting me see the sun shine on the other side. If you haven't taken the time, walk outside and look at the amazing beauty.
As of my last post, I was trying to decide what part of my Santa to tackle next. The hands won...and they've been winning ever since. My smaller hands usually turn out pretty good, but sculpting hands for a 6 ft. Santa has turned into a wrestling match! Wish me luck (or maybe wish Santa some luck, so he doesn't have to go through life with goofy hands)!


  1. Amen!! Life is truly a gift! :> )

    I am lookin' forward to seein' your Santa complete! He's already fantastic!!

  2. Thanks so much! Ok, I'm slow... I just realized that I can leave a comment after yours. Santa's slow going because I can't seem to work on just one thing. By the way, I love to check out Countryfolk Keepsakes every day to see what new things are going on!


Howdy Do! Glad you stopped by!