Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okra Thief!!

Another gorgeous day from God! It might even rain around here today! It's been over 100 for the past two weeks - a rain shower would be wonderful. Well, my garden is growing nicely, but the okra hasn't done worth a darn. It's just twigs sticking out of the ground...

Enter Daisy, the Okra Thief...

It's hilarious! I can get right up to her, and she just chomps away. We've been playing Hide-and-Seek. I shoo her out of the garden, and she walks over behind my laundry shed and hides. As soon as she hears the door click on the porch, she's right back in there! I took this picture on game number 6! I don't think my darlin' is going anywhere.

Well, if I can't have okra, I can at least enjoy the beauty God brings to my door! Doesn't she have a cute smile???

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  1. Hee-hee... What a lil' sweetheart she is! She's very photogenic too! :> )


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