Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Paints in 104 Degrees??????

That would be me and a good friend who's also a glutton for punishment! We've got a rodeo parade coming up this weekend in Coleman, TX. My husband and I do a lot of parades with the Longhorns, so we're sort of the parade team leaders for the Cowboy Church. Not everyone at the church rides horses or longhorns, so we decided to do a float, as well. Since my friend and I are both off for the summer, we took the float job. My husband built us a sign (He's got the same sickness I have- the "Let's go overboard" sickness) that's four feet tall and sixteen feet long. It's great! But, someone had to paint it. We managed to get started after lunch yesterday in a mear 104 degree heat. Boy, does paint dry fast! We got two coats of primer and the base coat painted. Now we just need to do the lettering and get logo done.

...Thought I would edit the post and put a couple of parade pics in! We had a great time!

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