Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Santa's Hands Get Some Age Spots!

Age spots?? Boy, nobody wishes for that! I have done some more work on Santa's hands. You probably won't be able to tell much difference from the photos, but it's a subtlety in the final sculpture that makes a difference. He's gotten some veins and some finished nails, too! Geez, I had better light a fire under myself, or Christmas will have come and gone by the time this guy's finished! I'm off to the shop to build a "skeleton" for him. I hope God is drizzling sweet blessin's all over your day!!


  1. Sherry, your work is awesome.These hands look real enough to shake. I think you have it down just fine.

    Can I shake you hand and please visit my blog. I have something special for you there.

    I also adore your two adopted kitties, they can play together in your wonderous Texas resort.
    smiles, cyndi

  2. Sherry, the Lord has blessed you with such sculpting talent!!!!
    Your work is amazing!! I will continue to watch Santa's progress!


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