Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christian Cowboy Gatherin' and the Duke

Our cowboy church and two others had a cowboy gatherin' this weekend, and guess who showed up to give a message???? John Wayne. That's right, folks! Well, close. He's a John Wayne impersonator with a wonderful message, and he's workin' for the Lord! Wow! I guess you know what big JW fans we are around this house... let's see JW on the wall... JW on the coffee table... and my own personal JW lunchbox. Oh, and we must not forget our steers - Rooster Cogburn and McLintock!
We really enjoyed meeting Dr. Gene Howard, and I think he enjoyed posing on our little boy, Rooster. He looked more like the Duke from a distance than up close, but his voice and his testimony more than made up for that!

We had our chuckwagon crew, our band, and the longhorns, and we had a blast! Best of all, some souls were saved!

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  1. Hi Sherry
    Love the duke! And he has got this role down pat!
    God bless you real good!


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