Saturday, October 4, 2008

Need Help!

Ok, My Friends in BlogLand,

I reallllllyyy want to finish my life-size Santa, and he's still barefoot. I am looking for a pair of old, worn stovepipe boots, such as the old cavalry boots, in a size 10, 11, or 12. I'm poor, so I need them to fit my shoestring budget! If you happen onto a pair somewhere, please send me an email with the info. I would hate for Santa to have to go barefoot this Christmas. His wittle toesies would fweezzzee! Here's kind of what I have in mind, but laceups will work, too. I'd actually like them more worn, but I can take care of that after I get them!

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  1. Oh man Sherry, I wish I could help you out! I've only got an old pair of red cowboy boots with a heel size 8 1/2. Unless Santa's goin' in drag, I don't think they will do the trick. :> )
    But I can't wait to see him!!


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