Monday, November 24, 2008

Itchin' to Finish the Kitchen

Hello out there! I hope everyone is getting ready for a fantastic Thanksgiving, and it is my hope that we all give thanks where it is due - to God. Well, the cabinets are back up, and I started tile work last night. You'll have to excuse the dust! We're living in a cloud of it at the moment!

The cabinets seem so far away now!!! I love it!! Well, except that frig, but it will have to stay for awhile.

Here's the tiling I've gotten done so far.

How many days until Thanksgiving???? I need to be tiling!!! Off I go!!!!

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  1. Has the dust settled into the corners and crevises never to be seen again yet? hee hee!!!

    Hopin' you're having a great week!!


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