Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas on this Joyous Day!

The house is quiet... it seems strange. No hustle, no hurry... just a Blessed day to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We had quite a Christmas Eve. Our family that lives 5 hrs. away made a mad dash to our house for Christmas Eve. We opened presents and had a great time with all three grandkids here! Then we packed everybody like sardines on air mattresses for the night, and then they packed up after breakfast this morning and made another 2 hour drive to see the other half of the family. That's the way we've all seemed to be living lately- at a dead run. I was almost ready to snap last week, but sometime early this week, I stopped everything and earnestly asked God for some peace in my heart and mind. It washed over me like a wave, and the last four days have been such a blessing- even with last minute gift making, and two whole days spent in town (that's usually enough to send me over the edge anytime... much less at Christmas) I must say thank you, Lord. His Grace is amazing.

Oh, you've just got to see my favorite present I got last night from Dixie, our dog. Gayland did have to drive to every antique/junk store in town to do her shopping for her! I'm so lucky!!

Come on in to my new pantry, and I'll show you. I just love this room!!!! I catch myself standing in there gawkin' all the time!

Look at all of these old jars to store my drygoods in!!! Aren't they fantastic!!!!!

Have you noticed my shelves are a little bare? I took all of the canned goods out of the cabinet, and this is all the space they took...

I thought I had a lot of canned goods, but not so much!

I've also got to show you my treasures I found at the antique/junk stores while on the hunt for stocking stuffers for Gayland and his chuckwagon. Hmm... seems we both do our shopping there. I could not pass these to finds up when I came across them. The quilt, which is very tattered and frayed was $16 and the bear was $6.50!!! LOOK!!!

My granddaughter and I managed to make a some Cowgirl Bling for my step-daughter and daughter-in-law. I forgot to take pictures of most of it, but here's some of what we came up with.

We made several of these cross pendents and the big, chunky necklaces to go with them. This one was left over, so I managed to get a photo.

Here's one of the necklaces we made. We also made a cross for it similar to the one above, but with colors to match these stones. I took a photo with another of our trial pendents we made with an old cowgirl photo. It didn't turn out just like I wanted, but we'll keep trying. My sidekick granddaughter will be back to stay again on Monday, so there's no telling what we'll be making!

Well, enough flappin' my jaws. I've got trim to sand and seal!

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night.


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