Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Decade!

I'm standing on the promises, and this is going to be a great year! We've had a wonderful Christmas season, but I haven't had much time to pop in and blog. We have enjoyed fun with family and friends, and Gayland's started back to work on the house!

Can you believe Santa? Here's his delivery to our granddaughter -

And Sassy was in the spirit...

Well, ok, sort of...

And we got snow in West Texas!! Look!

One of our bunch wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch... Take a look at Ima Jean...

Now before you cringe, you must know that I'm standing just inside her barn door, under the heat lamp, out of the weather, in her stall, where she SHOULD have been instead of standing in the snow...


What else, you ask? It's that time again for the Humble Arts offerings. Be sure to stop by and see what goodies we have this month. Oh, can you keep a secret??? Take a look...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Very Thankful!

God is good - all the time!
Here at the Hall House, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We know we are truly blessed everyday, but we're taking a little extra time to count our blessings and thank God for His Grace and Mercy. We hope you will find time to do the same.
Folks have been asking what has happened to the crazed Santa lady this year. Where are the works in progress??? Honestly, our time has been so extended in other places, she has been dozing peacefully in the back of my mind. However, I was able to stir her awake yesterday in a moment of free-time I snuck in, and she's come alive with a roar! So, here's a glimpse of the latest work in progress. He's an Old World Belsnickle Candy Container in the making.
His boots are sculpted from paperclay and attached to a wooden container.
Those of you that know me, know I love polymer clay, but I'm really growing to like paperclay, as well! His head is still in the works - needs some smoothing in places and wrinkling in others!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

May the Lord be the Light of your Life. I am so very thankful He shines in mine.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our New Family Member

I can't believe I haven't introduced you to our newest family member! We bought some raffle tickets from the Glory Road Cowboy Church in Ballinger, TX, and we won! Unbelievable! We won a 20 mth. old registered stud colt named Kerry Dun Leo. Yeah, we're working on a nickname! Right now, it's Tater. Here's our new boy-

Thank you to Glory Road Cowboy Church! We love our new family member, and we promise he'll have a good home!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Looming Storm

Howdy Do Folks!
Just running by to warn you of a pending storm. The Christmas season is upon us, and we have much to celebrate in our Lord and Savior! This season just gives me goosebumps to know God sent His Son to die for me. There is a storm looming, however, during this joyful time of year. Don't let your guard down - even for a moment. This country was created on Christian principles. Your constitution was created by men who felt you had God-given rights. Do you see the storm clouds? This is not one that you should run for cover... instead, face it head on!

and your property, and your right to worship your God, your banks, your healthcare, your voice...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where, Oh, Where, Have I Been These Days???

Wow, what a whirlwind! It has been a wild and crazy month around here! Let me start with a round of applause for the artists of the Humble Arts this month! Go take a peek at the new offerings and the new look of the site! I'm offering three of my folkart painted Santa plaques this month! Go on, I'll wait on you.....

Glad you're back! Now, just what's been going on around here? We spent Labor Day in Bandera, TX, at the Annual Cowboy Celebration. We had a wonderful time, and the boys enjoyed the parade!

What else, you say? God was on the move at our Cowboy Church! We had an unbelievable weekend at the church arena. We took the chuckwagon and camped out for the weekend cooking for folks and enjoying the time together. Award-winning country gospel group Desert Reign played for two services. If you've never heard them, they are worth checking out, and their testimonies are inspiring. We had a ranch sorting that drew many new faces into the church arena, and we had a blast! Cocoa and Gayland competed and had lots of fun! It took me a week to recooperate from that!

Young and old had a great time!

For better or worse, I'm the church photographer, and I just couldn't resist this guy! So handsome!

Then came the Eden Parade last weekend. The boys meandored through the streets of Eden, TX, and enjoyed the day. It's a little home-town parade that's lots of fun!

In between all the hoopla, Gayland has been working on getting the porch on the addition done before a going-away party we're having for a dear friend. Go! Go! Go! Here's the snapshot I took last night. Yeah!! I love it!! Still a lot to be done, but we sure do love sitting in the porch swing in the evenings.

For those keeping up with Ima Jean's progress, she's really done a super job this week! Don't look at me in the photo with my little dorky bag of oats on my side... but look how she's grown! I was just mentioning to friends this morning that she will only follow me when I don't have a lead attached to her...????? Seems there's a Christian message in there somewhere that I need to think on today!

Isn't she just the prettiest gal? Check out those whiskers!

Oh, here's the view I get when she's wearing a 'tude with her lead rope!

I have finally started a new project this last week, too! I'll have to see if I can snap some WIP photos this afternoon.

Step out and catch a Blessin' Today!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have a Bite to Eat with My Friend?

Ahhhh, rain. Lord, it does the soul good. I smiled and splashed in a puddle or two as I walked from my end parking spot at the store today. Funny, or maybe sad, how so many folks don't see the beauty in it as they grumble about getting wet. Not me, Lord. Here I am. Wash away the dirt. Just in from the porch soaking up the freshness of it all, and caught a right nice snapshot of a little friend of mine.

Won't you have a snack with her?

Isn't she amazingly beautiful? This is no haphazardly formed clump of cells, my friends. She crawled right onto God's canvas and sat for a spell while He put the finishing touches on her. Have you stopped to look at His glory today?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonight's Prayers

Folks, when you're talking to God tonight, don't forget those who lost their lives on this day in 2001. Pray for the families who had someone ripped away.

Pray that our country stands strong. Pray that our military keeps safe as they pay the high prices of our freedom.

Thank God that you live in a country where you can talk to Him, and, my friends, pray that it stays that way.

In Memory of those lost September 11th, 2001.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can Someone Give Me a Hand?

No, wait... I've got the hands... I NEED the rest of the body!!!! There seem to be Santa hands in every direction, but I haven't been able to get anything else done on this poor guy. Maybe I can just sell hands for Halloween!! Well, until the calm after the storm, it doesn't look like it's going to get any better for awhile. You see, tomorrow is the first day of school, and I'm back in the classroom with my little punkins! I'm excited to start the new year, but no artwork is appearing around here...Maybe the hands can get work and dream up something!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Know...I Know...

Where have I been... well, it's that time of year again, and I've been in my classroom for the last two weeks making things ready for the new year. I'm excited even though I'm wondering where my summer went! That was a flash in the pan! I didn't get to do much artwork this summer which made me a little sad, but we have gotten a lot done on the addition to the house. That makes me happy!!! Gayland finished the rock work in the front entrance and the front of the house this weekend. I love it! I have a beautiful ceiling in my new craftroom, too. He's my Superman!

Here's the new front entrance. The rock has continued around from the original house. He started the porch today.

Come on in... and ignore the portly woman reflected in the glass!

Here's the left wall of the entrance. Those doors will lead to the den when we get the den built. That's the Christmas phase! Here's the right wall of the front entrance. Talk about a lot of work for Gayland. As you might recall, on the rock laying, I'm just the "sweeper upper".

Well, that's where I've been. That, and in the round pen with Ima Jean trying to convince her she's not the boss. Wish me luck on that one! If you haven't dropped by the Humble Arts this month, you're missing a treat- Trick or Treat, that is!
I'm offering a hand-painted sign from the "Toil and Trouble Spell Emporium." This sign is my own design, and would be a great touch to a Halloween motif!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandkid Fun!!

It's that time of summer where my house is filled with grandkids, and they've got me hoppin'! We had the final round of the Cowboy Church PlayDay Buckle Series this past weekend, and the kids got to participate. Since Mamaw is the official photographer, Papaw had to do the runnin'! Poor Papaw! We all had a blast. Here are a few snapshots of the day -

And Ima Jean got to go and watch the whole day! Talk about a tantrum throwing little toot... she did NOT like the fact that all the other animals were riding, moving around, etc., and she had to stand and watch.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Survived the Weekend with a Blast of Fun!

The message rang loud and clear in Rocksprings, TX, this weekend in the celebration of this Independence Day - This is still One Nation Under God. It was seen in people's hearts and caught on film in this photo of one of the float's flags.

It's taken me a few days to get back in the swing of things around here and to get caught up from the weekend! We had a fantastic time in Rocksprings, visited with some old friends, and met some really nice, new folks. We marshaled the parade with Bill and Vernon - two of the greatest characters you could ever meet. It's worth the trip to Rocksprings just to meet these two. They've both attended or been a part of the Rocksprings Rodeo for over 80 yrs.

Rooster's shoes were a big hit at the parade! His toesies didn't hurt, and everyone loved his patriotism!

This is our most relaxing weekend of the year, and we love it. Here's our camp out at the rodeo arena. I'd sure love to bring some of those trees home.


And we got to spend two nights watching my FAVORITE sport, and the weekend went to the bulls!

Can you believe this is what I wanted to do in high school. Yeah, those of you that know me probably can... A friend of mine and I were going to a school to learn to become bull-fighters. I guess God played His hand there when we found out the price of the school - $$$$$$$. Thanks Lord, for keeping my slow rear-end from getting stomped by a bull and for still letting me play with cows! God is good!

And since we've been home, the rocks in the new entry are going up!!! Yay! Gayland has been working hard to get the rock walls done. I have a very technical, and highly skilled job in the process. I'm the official sweeper - upper. Well, somebody's got to have the important job!!

Catch a blessing today because God is shakin' them out all over the place!