Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Latest Around Here

Nothing like a bath in the waterhose in 30 something degree weather! That's what Dixie Dog and I were doing at bedtime last night. It was the latest in our skunk drama around here. It's been a bad year for skunks. We've killed three in the last being in the house... and Dixie stepped out onto the porch last night to go potty - instead she got skunked. He must have been right by the bedroom doors that lead out onto the porch because she goes the other way if there is the slightest smell of skunk! She proceded to rush back in to tell me what happened by pushing open the door before I got it latched. The smell filled our bedroom, and I knew she had to be stopped before she ran around rubbing her nose on everything... yes, we've done that before, too. I grabbed her and ran out the door- giving BOTH of us a nice aroma. We had to have a Pinesol bath in the waterhose before either of us could come back inside. Woosh! What a night. She and I smell ok today, but the bedroom still has a slight odor.

It's time for the February Humble Arts! I'm excited to see what everyone has created after our January break. Here's a sneak peek at what Sherry's Cabin will be offering this month.

Meet Sweet Clara.

Gayland's been at work on a new project as well, and I love it! Those of you that have been around awhile or love John Wayne will recognize it right away. Those of you who don't, what can I say... you've missed out! Here's his new weathervane for the addition.

If this guy doesn't look familiar, check out the John Wayne movie, McLintock. You'll love it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time to Knock Off the Dust

My creative side had been dry as a bone. I've been busy a lot lately. Not productive- just busy. I'm shaking it off! It's time for some house-cleaning and some reprioritizing. I'm working on my HARTS project today. It's the first time I've been able to dedicate some time to creating in WAY too long. Oh, there's still plenty to do, but it will be there tomorrow. I've had the Martha syndrome lately, so I'm going to be taking some Mary days for myself. We had a blast at the Fort Worth Stock Show this past weekend. I spent my birthday traveling with the longhorns, and we got to relax!! It was so nice. For those of you who haven't seen or heard about the parade in Ft. Worth, it's the largest non-motorized parade in the U.S.

We were number 165 in the line-up, and we were no where near the end. Here's the view from the bridge they line us up on. We stand and wait for about an hour and a half here with over 1500 other animals. These ladies in front of us probably wished we were riding horses instead of pointing horns at their backsides!

I'm pretty sure Gayland fell asleep over there... Hey, wake up!!

Here we are after the parade. Thousands of people lined the streets for it!What a great birthday!

Off and Runnin' in the New Year

No promises to myself that I'll break in a matter of days...

I have just one request for the new year - Lord, help me to walk in Your light, to follow Your path, and to glorify You in all that I do. Allow me to live my life to be the salt and the light that those who don't know You crave. Let them want what I have in You, and give me the words to lead them to You. This is going to be a wonderful year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Last of my Time Off

Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope you are enjoying a fruitful new beginning. I have the recipe for success if you're unsure how to make this year a great one. Live every day for the Lord. Receive His grace and rejoice!

We've been chuggin' along on the addition. I think I've polyurethaned all my brain cells! Gayland got the door to my pantry done! It's solid cedar and slides into the wall. I've gotten a coat of urethane on it, and I love it!!! Be sure and don't notice my unfinished tile work...

The den also has doors! I've just put the first coat of polyurethane on the doors to the den... well, where the den will be some day! I've got a lot of sanding and sealing left to do, but I thought I'd give you a peek!

We've had other things to keep us occupied this week, too. Our granddaughter stayed for several days, and she talked me into sewing a Barbie outfit with her. I pride myself in this being a family blog, so I won't say much about Barbs, but all my heart-felt, childhood feelings of Barbie were once again confirmed... she deserved having her feet cut off and being buried by my dumptruck!!!! (By the way, that was the only Barbie my folks bought me...hmmm) Do you know how stinkin' small she is?????? Look at this pattern-
After four bodices on that dress, I was almost ready for the nut house!! We got Barbie a red dress, though... I hope it pinches her...