Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Last of my Time Off

Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope you are enjoying a fruitful new beginning. I have the recipe for success if you're unsure how to make this year a great one. Live every day for the Lord. Receive His grace and rejoice!

We've been chuggin' along on the addition. I think I've polyurethaned all my brain cells! Gayland got the door to my pantry done! It's solid cedar and slides into the wall. I've gotten a coat of urethane on it, and I love it!!! Be sure and don't notice my unfinished tile work...

The den also has doors! I've just put the first coat of polyurethane on the doors to the den... well, where the den will be some day! I've got a lot of sanding and sealing left to do, but I thought I'd give you a peek!

We've had other things to keep us occupied this week, too. Our granddaughter stayed for several days, and she talked me into sewing a Barbie outfit with her. I pride myself in this being a family blog, so I won't say much about Barbs, but all my heart-felt, childhood feelings of Barbie were once again confirmed... she deserved having her feet cut off and being buried by my dumptruck!!!! (By the way, that was the only Barbie my folks bought me...hmmm) Do you know how stinkin' small she is?????? Look at this pattern-
After four bodices on that dress, I was almost ready for the nut house!! We got Barbie a red dress, though... I hope it pinches her...


  1. Oh that is tooooo funny!!! What a wonderful bonding moment for you all!!! tee hee hee!!! At least you didn't loose it and rip the dolls hair out!!!! tee hee hee!! I've gotta go laugh now!!!


  2. I'm lucky because my granddaughter wanted clothes for a 14 inch doll and not a Barbie. Hopefully she won't ask for those. I think my patience would be too thin....ha ha.


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