Sunday, March 15, 2009


Do any of you have gremlins??? Do you leave the house in order, only to return to things out of place? We have had gremlin problems for years, and I have been unable to catch them in the act....

until now.......

the "bed-bug gremlin" must have been too tired. I was able to catch her as she snoozed!

HA! Caught in the act!

I've had the camera out again! God has sent us rain. Thank you, Lord! We have been in such a drought for so long. He showered down on us, and the weeds are in bloom. Hey, we're happy with anything blooming here in West Texas! I even get excited about the cactus blooms.

Lord, thank you for sprinkling beauty around our home and allowing me to capture it on film to share with others.


  1. LOL! That is sure one good looking Gremlin!

    ohhh and those blooms are just too sweet! Happy Spring!!!!

    Jean :)

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Oh I have a gremlin too! I had one the other day. Went looking for a pattern I have had for years. Could not find it for anything. Re-ordered the pattern, cut it out and went to use it, looked over at my pattern box and lo and behold there sat my pattern in the very pattern box I had repeatedly searched through! Hum...I'm sure I have a gremlin, now if I can just get him to pay for that same pattern I just ordered. Little monster!!! LOL! I hope mine is as cute as yours.


    PS. love those wonderful pics of your flowers...praying for rain for W. Texas.


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