Saturday, March 7, 2009

Proof of God's Existance

If you have ever had any doubt of God's existance, let me take you for a stroll. Spring is in the air around here, and the Lord has sent my winged friends to flutter and buzz happiness into my heart. I've been working around the house today and just had to snap a few photos to share with you.

West Texas spring time is different from places that receive an abundance of rain, but it makes an awesome statement, just the same! I just took the time to notice our yuccas were in bloom today. I'm sure glad I slowed down to look.

The algerita bushes are in full bloom, and you can smell the sweetness for miles. Of course, that is, until they stop up your sinuses where you can't breathe! I sure hope we get some rain soon, so they put on a good crop of berries. You just can't beat pickin' berries to eat when you walk by(if you don't mind wiping the blood on your pants where the durned thing poked ya!).

The peach trees have opened their sleepy eyes and popped out blooms. We've had weather as high as the 90s for the last couple of weeks. I know we'll have an Easter cold spell, and we'll probably be fruitless this year. That's West Texas for ya.

The butterfiles are all a flutter, and dancing around the blooms.
And my favorite winged critter...

Yes, I'm a bug nut, and bees are one of my favorites. Yeah, I was the kid who always had a bug in hand...I've almost grown out of it... well, for the most part...ok, at least I don't carry cicadas on the inside of my cap anymore...
So, there you go...just a glimpse of God's handywork. No doubt about it! Hey, Big Bang theorists out there, put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Howdy Do! Glad you stopped by!