Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Wild Nine Days!

Wow, has it been busy at the Hall House! We've had the Stockshow going on for the last two weeks, and we're pooped! We started last weekend out with a float building shindig for the church Friday night. We had the longhorns, several riders on horses, our float, and a group of llamas for the church entry in the Saturday morning rodeo parade...and let me tell you... it was COLD! We had lots of fun anyway! We loaded up the chuckwagon for a Sunday mornin' breakfast at the church, unloaded Sunday afternoon, and did some riding. We raced through the week trying to get ready for this weekend and the first San Angelo Stock Show Longhorn Show!! Our chapter we started this summer(with a whopping 9 founding members) of the TLBAA finally got San Angelo to add a Longhorn Show. We had the rodeo Friday night and were unloading longhorns at the crack of dawn Saturday morning. I have to say, we had a blast! The kids did a great job, and the longhorns did well, too! One of the boys from our church, Big Hootie, showed Bo in the Open and Red in the Youth. Our neighbors, Katie and Little Hootie, showed for us, too. Gayland and I are working toward getting kids who, otherwise, would not be able to show, into the showring. By the way, did you catch that? Big and Little Hootie... where else could you find two unrelated kids that didn't know each other and both go by the name Hootie?
Here are some photos from the fun-filled weekend-

Gayland and I got to post colors both days, and one of the girls showing sang the National Antham and Amazing Grace. Her voice was incredible - one of those that gives you goosebumps.

Little Hootie showed Booger Red and won his class!

Katie won her class with Rooster and won Champion Senior Steer!

Big Hootie won his class, beat out Little Hootie for Junior Champion Steer, and took the whole shabang with Grand Champion Steer. He won a beautiful buckle that I'm sure he's sleeping with!Little Hootie ended up beating out Katie for Reserve Champion with Red!

In the Youth Show on Sunday, Big Hootie took 1st with Red and Katie took 2nd.... then they got their tails whupped by a gorgeous steer that dwarfed ours!!

Then, of course, there's that handsome guy, the Bossman, that ran the staging area - the man I'm so blessed to share my life with -

And, we can't forget the Pit Crew - our daughter and granddaughter did lots of grunt work to make things happen!

They're standing here with my Mama's Boy. Mac was grouchy most all of the weekend.

We had packed stands Saturday and lots of visitors that loved on the longhorns. It was a great time!
I have to say a special note about the judge for the Youth Show- Judge John Baker. We have never seen a judge take the time he did to help all of our kids. He was amazing. He put his heart and soul into helping them become better showmen. We all wish to say thanks again to him for making a difference in the lives of young people.

In the work I do, I sometimes get very discouraged about today's youth, but these renew my faith in our future!


  1. Sherry,
    While I know NUTHIN' 'bout no long horns, I was captivated reading your post. How proud I am of your kids and the participation of you and hubs. Congrats on the difference you make in so many lives!
    (ps) - love the expressions on Big Hootie's face.

  2. you know, if kids had more role models like you and hubs and this caring judge, we might have a hope for the future. It's so refreshing to see these kids active and participating in something so much more worthwhile than xbox, ps2 and computer chat rooms.
    thank you for sharing Sherry! You represented very well ♥

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. It looks like it was a good show. James and I love to get children involved in showing too. We just haven't been able to show much lately. Still trying to get things fixed up after the hurricane. But, we are getting there. Hopefully we will be able to ride in a parade again with you guys.
    Take care,


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