Wednesday, June 17, 2009

God Is Amazing

I should not be amazed at God's work because I know He can do all things, but it still gives me a tingly feeling every time I see Him in action. We are a part of West Texas Rehab's Day Camp every summer. It's a three day camp for kids who attend the Rehab Center - everything from speech problems to spina bifida. They all have one thing in common - they are having a blast at the camp! A truly amazing family - the Barnharts - have been hosting this camp many years. The second and third generations are now taking care of things. You will not find bigger hearts than these folks have.
We are delighted to play a small part in the camp. Our boys return each year to give rides to the kids - 86 this year. It's a sight to behold. God uses a 2200 lb. and a 1650 lb. beast to bring smiles and joy to these kids. Those of you that know him, know Mac is quite an Oscar the Grouch. However, on camp day, he puts on a different attitude- one of God's love- for the kids. I gives me goose bumps to watch him stand still for us to load many kids - many that cannot load themselves. Just a side note - he NEVER stands still for me! I hope we can be a part for many years to come.

Here the boys were waiting for the day to begin -The start of the day...

The boys at work...

A special thanks to our neighbor, Katie, here with Mac. She's an awesome teenager with a heart for others who volunteered to come help us.

What a day!

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