Friday, June 26, 2009

Our New Baby

God has blessed our family once more by working through all kinds of muck to make it possible for us to rescue this little beauty. Meet Ima Jean, the newest addition to the Hall Clan. Boy, what a strange brood around here!

She's had a rough 14 mths. of life, but hopefully she will carry her message forward in a ministry for kids. You see, she's "ugly and broken" in a mule breeder's eyes, but I see something truly beautiful in her. With time, you'll see it, too. Just like we're ugly and broken before we come to know the Lord, but He sees something beautiful inside each of us, and He was willing to invest all He had to show His love for us.

This little girl will steal your heart in a second. She's just loves being loved! You can see she needs lots of TLC,

but you just keep checking back to see the transformation in this little jewel. It will start on the inside and work its way out; again, like the seed of Christ in our lives. It slowly grows in darkness inside of us where others don't notice until one day His love blooms on the outside of us.


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  1. How is this lil' sweetheart doing? I'm tellin' you, bring her on over to me and I'll fatten her up with some delicious Polish food. Give her a smooch from her Aunt Peanut. :> )


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