Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't You Step on His Blue Suede Shoes...

Ok, they're not suede, but have you ever seen such a sight! Poor Rooster broke his toe in the quick at the Coleman Parade weekend before last, and he's had a terrible time walking. We've been asked to be the parade marshals for the Rocksprings 4th of July Celebration this weekend, and Rooster still has a tender toe. His daddy bought him some down-right snazzy shoes to cushion his feet for the parade! I just had to laugh at us, and figured you'd have a chuckle, too. I've got to paint him some white stars on the toes before we leave town!

Now he can sneak up on his hay!


It's July and time for uploads at the Humble Arts! If you haven't dropped in to see the latest offerings, you've got to make the trip over there. The artists have outdone themselves this month. I wanted one of everything! Go on now, you can come back here when you're done.

Folks, just a thought I'd like to pass on to you. You'd better hang on to your guns and your religion and remember the principles on which this country was founded.


  1. Hee-hee!!! All he needs is a white rhinestone studded cape and a lil' Elvis wig. (Do you have a BeDazzler?) :> )
    Darlin', I am hanging on tight to my gun, religion and freedom.
    Happy 4th to you and your kin. God bless.

  2. Hey Sherry
    Poor ol' Rooster. However, he does still have dignity? I mean he looks quite at ease with himself. I've always been a sucker for those self assured among us, two legged or four legged.


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