Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have a Bite to Eat with My Friend?

Ahhhh, rain. Lord, it does the soul good. I smiled and splashed in a puddle or two as I walked from my end parking spot at the store today. Funny, or maybe sad, how so many folks don't see the beauty in it as they grumble about getting wet. Not me, Lord. Here I am. Wash away the dirt. Just in from the porch soaking up the freshness of it all, and caught a right nice snapshot of a little friend of mine.

Won't you have a snack with her?

Isn't she amazingly beautiful? This is no haphazardly formed clump of cells, my friends. She crawled right onto God's canvas and sat for a spell while He put the finishing touches on her. Have you stopped to look at His glory today?

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