Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where, Oh, Where, Have I Been These Days???

Wow, what a whirlwind! It has been a wild and crazy month around here! Let me start with a round of applause for the artists of the Humble Arts this month! Go take a peek at the new offerings and the new look of the site! I'm offering three of my folkart painted Santa plaques this month! Go on, I'll wait on you.....

Glad you're back! Now, just what's been going on around here? We spent Labor Day in Bandera, TX, at the Annual Cowboy Celebration. We had a wonderful time, and the boys enjoyed the parade!

What else, you say? God was on the move at our Cowboy Church! We had an unbelievable weekend at the church arena. We took the chuckwagon and camped out for the weekend cooking for folks and enjoying the time together. Award-winning country gospel group Desert Reign played for two services. If you've never heard them, they are worth checking out, and their testimonies are inspiring. We had a ranch sorting that drew many new faces into the church arena, and we had a blast! Cocoa and Gayland competed and had lots of fun! It took me a week to recooperate from that!

Young and old had a great time!

For better or worse, I'm the church photographer, and I just couldn't resist this guy! So handsome!

Then came the Eden Parade last weekend. The boys meandored through the streets of Eden, TX, and enjoyed the day. It's a little home-town parade that's lots of fun!

In between all the hoopla, Gayland has been working on getting the porch on the addition done before a going-away party we're having for a dear friend. Go! Go! Go! Here's the snapshot I took last night. Yeah!! I love it!! Still a lot to be done, but we sure do love sitting in the porch swing in the evenings.

For those keeping up with Ima Jean's progress, she's really done a super job this week! Don't look at me in the photo with my little dorky bag of oats on my side... but look how she's grown! I was just mentioning to friends this morning that she will only follow me when I don't have a lead attached to her...????? Seems there's a Christian message in there somewhere that I need to think on today!

Isn't she just the prettiest gal? Check out those whiskers!

Oh, here's the view I get when she's wearing a 'tude with her lead rope!

I have finally started a new project this last week, too! I'll have to see if I can snap some WIP photos this afternoon.

Step out and catch a Blessin' Today!