Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Looming Storm

Howdy Do Folks!
Just running by to warn you of a pending storm. The Christmas season is upon us, and we have much to celebrate in our Lord and Savior! This season just gives me goosebumps to know God sent His Son to die for me. There is a storm looming, however, during this joyful time of year. Don't let your guard down - even for a moment. This country was created on Christian principles. Your constitution was created by men who felt you had God-given rights. Do you see the storm clouds? This is not one that you should run for cover... instead, face it head on!

and your property, and your right to worship your God, your banks, your healthcare, your voice...


  1. Sherry, Thanks for this and I just want to say we SHARE the same sentiments...

    With much Peace & Blessings,

  2. i love this photo!!! Saw it some time ago and wow, what a true representation... we need to keep on a-praying!


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