Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fairy Dust at Sherry's Cabin

Just thought I'd pop in and give you an update on the fairy babe I'm sculpting. She's been quite difficult! She refuses to cooperate with me, and she's determined to be a dragonfly fairy...you know how kids are...
Well, she's been fired and given a dab of color here and there, but she hasn't received her wings.
Here's a peek!
She disappears everytime I turn my back! Hopefully I can catch her and give her some wings this afternoon!


  1. can't wait to see the wings.. ^*^

  2. Hi sweetness! Just wanted to stop by and say howdy-do!! ♥

  3. You said that God made you creative, I agree. This is a great idea and I'm sure that there are many out there that would like to purchase a fairy baby for themselves.

    Thank you Sherry for becoming a follower of my blog. I am honored. Stay "tooned" and drop in any o' time.


Howdy Do! Glad you stopped by!