Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just and Update for all of Ima Jean's Adopted Aunts

Summer break is here, and my To-Do List is gigantic!! However, I had to take the time to do a flash-back to last summer. Remember poor little Ima Jean when she first came to live with us?

She was so sad heart still cries when I look at the pictures of her first day here. Well, she quickly won the hearts of several of my HARTS sisters who became her adopted aunts.
Gus snapped some pictures of us working last night for his Facebook page...he's quite the popular mule on there, you know... Augustus McBray... if you want to drop in on him... surprisely he captured Ima Jean's beauty in this shot. Aunties, look what our little girl has become -


  1. Our Ima Jean was surely a diamond in the rough - I love you more for taking her into your heart and sharing her incredible journey from lost to found hope. What a great picture, gal! I tell you, Balaam's donkey has nothing over Ima Jean.
    Listen closely.

  2. Ima Jean, is a beauty!!! All she needed was a lovin' mama and daddy. She's blessed to have you both. Give her a big smooch from her Aunt Peanut. ♥

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