Monday, July 19, 2010

Sue Kroll Paints a Mule a Day-And Other Fabulous Art!

Good Morning all. God has given us another perfect day! If you're alive, and you know Him, it IS perfect!
Those of you who have followed this site for a long time, know that I originally started this as a place to share my artwork with added tidbits of God's Word, the antics of my animals, and my thoughts on the world.
Well, life has been busy for us with lots going on at the Cowboy Church, with our animals He's blessed us with, and our home, so the artwork has been at a standstill.

That being said, I thought I would let you in on a jewel of an artist that I've recently discovered...ok, I can't take the credit here. It seems Gus, my mule, has more friends on Facebook than me, and this gal is in his friend list.

Her name is Sue Kroll, and she's dedicating this year to painting a "Mule a Day," and she's awesome! Take a look - Being Muley!

I know I have animal lovers that stop by my blog to see what craziness we've gotten ourselves into with long-ears and longhorns, and I know you'll love this lady's artwork. Check it out at Sue's Art.

According to Sue, she has loved art since the first time she got to fingerpaint. Sue says being born in the West, she has always been drawn to the cowboy and the western environment. She's got an impressive bio on her journey, and it's worth a stop at her website.

You can check out the daily progress of the "Mule a Day" paintings on her blog. These can be purchased at her Etsy Store, and her prices are very reasonable!

I'm telling you, this gal's got talent, and it's not limited to mules (although they are my favorites). She captured another of my loves in this painting.

If you love western artwork, it's worth the trip to look at her work. She does custom comission work, as well. Stop by and tell her Gus the Mule sent you!

Just a final note - all artwork in this post is property of Sue Kroll!