Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Project - Coming Out to Play

Those of you that have ever stepped foot in my comfy craftroom know that there are unfinished projects at every turn.  There is one particular project that has been lurking in the corner for a very, very long time.  He's a life-size Santa, or should I say, a headless body in longjohns that creeps people out when they visit!  He was coming along great when I sculpted his head and hands, and created his body.  Then I began the search for the perfect boots.  Size 11 - antique, or at least vintage, black stove-pipe, worn...AND not too expensive.  My thriftiness often causes things to take longer than they would if I'd turn loose of a little cash!  I finally found them!  Then came the search for the perfect fabric for an unusual Father Christmas- not the typical red or green - something heavy, richly colored, and carrying an old world feel...AND not too expensive.  That search has gone on and on...until finally, last week, I found it!!  I think, anyway.  Santa is sporting it draped over his shoulders while I contemplate. 

The lighting doesn't do the fabric justice in its rich color, but you can get an idea.  I like the color against his skin tone...

My plate is full of things that need to be done, but there is something inside of me that's crying out for some creative time.  I'm thinking that this old project might just come a step closer to completion this week.  I'll keep you posted if Santa's head gets to come out of his box! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Good-Bye Old Friend

As most of you already know from Facebook, I had to say good-bye to my old buddy, McLintock, this week. 

We had a freaky accident waiting for the Coleman parade to start, and when all was said and done, neither the vet, nor the surgeon he called, could do anything to save him.  It was a difficult weekend, and I will miss him dearly, but I cannot say enough thanks to the outpouring of kindness and thoughtfulness from everyone. 
God always has a plan, and I will wait on Him to find out what it is.  He allowed Mac and I ten years together working for Him, so I have no doubts that He's got a plan.
Good-bye, my friend, and thank you for your love and dedication.

You will be missed!

McLintock August 10, 2001 - June 18, 2011