Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Official...The Head is Out of the Box!

Just an update on the life-size Father Christmas I've been working on -

He's gotten a little closer (might I stress little!) to seeing himself come to life-literally seeing himself because I finally pulled his head I'd sculpted out of its box!  He has no hair,yet, but hey, every step counts around here! 

 I really like the way his coat is turning out, but Santa and I are trying to decide on what kind of fur trim he'd like to have...we having some problems with this...

This particular light colored fur is beautiful, but it's a little too yellow and will probably be too light after Santa gets his beard and hair...

Then there's the black fur- not as plush as the light colored, but I have more of it (although not enough - eBay to the rescue, please)

It does tie in with the boots.  Santa, what do you think???  Hmmmph, he's staying quiet on the whole deal... While we're considering the trim, here's where I am at the moment - up to my eyeballs in goat hair - fresh from the goat!  Well, not fresh, fresh - I've washed it! 

I wash large batches of raw mohair and store it until I need it...

Then comes the fun and excitement, WoooHoooo, of separating locks into sizes and colors - all the while picking out tiny bits of grass and debris that didn't wash out with the dirt and oils.  Oh the joy of it all!!  Anyway, you can see where I will be for several hours.  Santa's feeling a little neked (hehe), so I'd better get to work!

God started spooning out blessings at the crack of dawn this morning.  I hope your day is dripping with them already!  And, hey, Let Him be the Lord of your life today!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


What's a Zazzle?  Anything like a BeaDazzle?  Ok, so I was curious to find out just what a Zazzle was.  I've seen it on several friends' blogs on The Hive, so I thought I would investigate for those of us who aren't savy on the newest internet lingo.  Come to find out, it's a giagantic store of sorts.  I now understand why artists from The Hive have been buzzing about it!  It's a design center where you can create cards, shirts, and all kinds of personalized gifts that feature YOUR art - now that's pretty cool! 

So, what is the cost to set it up?  Nothing!  You simply create your store, design your items, and TADA - you have customized items for sale.  What is the catch, you ask?  Well, you only make a tiny royalty percentage, but, hey, if they do all the work and all I have to do is provide the art, a few pennies here and there would be nice!  Besides that, you can Christmas shop in your own store!  Won't your family love that??  Now, not only do they have to get homemade stuff from you, they now also chance getting a t-shirt with the picture of the homemade stuff!

Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Yes, I set up a store. Take a peek at the "Me, Ima Jean" selection.  For those who may not know our little Ima Jean (aka the Devil Child), she's a rescue mule who's on her way to being a ministry for God.  God has always provided for us to take care of our animals and has allowed us to use them for His glory, so her products are not intended to make her rich.  If she sells several hundred cards, she might be able to buy a sack of oats or two.  Her products have been created to stretch her ministry beyond the confines of West Texas and to bring a smile to someone's face.

I'll be adding a few of my folkart paintings of Santa.  I'm sure they won't make me rich and famous, either, but, who knows, it might just buy another paintbrush or box of clay to support my art habit!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Visitor

Doesn't God make the most beautiful creatures? My morning visitor passed through to get a bite to eat and stopped long enough to let me admire her beauty. We are in such drought that she's really drawn down and hungry. We've got some corn out, but she's in search of greenery. Had I been able to reach through the glass, I could have petted her on the head. She was about two feet outside my craftroom window, and I was pressed against the glass to wish her good morning.

Folks, I know it's a busy world, but slow down a little today and soak in the amazing creations that God has surrounding us at every turn. There may be a lot of darkness in the world, but there is also True Light if you seek it. Hope your day has a heapin' Tablespoon of blessings mixed in!

Genesis 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father Christmas Took a Baby-Step Today

Well, it was a baby step, but Santa's coat is coming together.  He stood very still while I worked out the pattern for his coat...

I think he was a little concerned that I was wrapping him in butcher paper..hehehe!

And then....
I'm lovin' this fabric, but now I'm thinking he needs lighter colored boots to go with the elf's work is never done...