Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Official...The Head is Out of the Box!

Just an update on the life-size Father Christmas I've been working on -

He's gotten a little closer (might I stress little!) to seeing himself come to life-literally seeing himself because I finally pulled his head I'd sculpted out of its box!  He has no hair,yet, but hey, every step counts around here! 

 I really like the way his coat is turning out, but Santa and I are trying to decide on what kind of fur trim he'd like to have...we having some problems with this...

This particular light colored fur is beautiful, but it's a little too yellow and will probably be too light after Santa gets his beard and hair...

Then there's the black fur- not as plush as the light colored, but I have more of it (although not enough - eBay to the rescue, please)

It does tie in with the boots.  Santa, what do you think???  Hmmmph, he's staying quiet on the whole deal... While we're considering the trim, here's where I am at the moment - up to my eyeballs in goat hair - fresh from the goat!  Well, not fresh, fresh - I've washed it! 

I wash large batches of raw mohair and store it until I need it...

Then comes the fun and excitement, WoooHoooo, of separating locks into sizes and colors - all the while picking out tiny bits of grass and debris that didn't wash out with the dirt and oils.  Oh the joy of it all!!  Anyway, you can see where I will be for several hours.  Santa's feeling a little neked (hehe), so I'd better get to work!

God started spooning out blessings at the crack of dawn this morning.  I hope your day is dripping with them already!  And, hey, Let Him be the Lord of your life today!


  1. I liked the lighter fur trim, until I saw the black, it's perfect! Amazing work, can't wait to see the finished piece. :-)

  2. Thanks Sheryl! I tend to agree with you - it ties into the boots nicely and doesn't wash out with his beard. Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless. :)


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