Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clyde the Closet Monster is Quite a Handful! - Work in Progress

First let me say, Thank you Lord for the wonderful rain. We've been in a severe drought with fires everywhere. God blessed us the last two days with lots of rain!
So, this post is two-fold. To those of you that like to see a work-in-progess, Clyde is quite the work-in-progress, to say the least. He's been a handful at every turn, and it doesn't look like it's going to get better. For my artist friends out there, do you ever have one of those sculpts that seems to taunt you, defy you, make you want to roll him through the pasta machine???
With just 6 days to the Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop (sherryscabin), I've been trying to get a few things ready that are outside my norm. I sketched out Clyde - just a simple closet monster (most of you have those, right?). See Clyde was supposed to be just a little baby...and he started out fairly normal for a Closet Monster.

He tried on some faces, and that's where the trouble began...

Nothing seemed to satisfy him or me. We wrestled around awhile and moved on to other monster parts...

We argued over his claws - he WANTED claws...he GOT claws..

I did draw the line at how long he was allowed to have them!
We then started bickering over his face...he wanted to be able to eat his toys and demanded a giant mouth.

And then came the paint and hair. Ughh! It was horrible...nothing worked as planned, paint was everywhere, he ate two brushes, and the hair, oh, the hair...

Sometimes I just don't win.

Now it seems we're arguing over what he gets to hold in his hands...or, should I say, eat?

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