Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Hand at a Time! (Primitive Santa Work-in-Progress)

Oh, it's that time of year...I have a few pumpkins scattered through the house ( I found a beauty at Lowes yesterday!)
Yes, it's a little early for Jack-o-Lanterns, but a few of them have popped up here and there

And a few fall leaves have fallen in the craft room...

And I have visions of Santa dancing in my head!

That's right, Santa is back in the limelight!  I've taken a month or so off from the jolly old guy, but I'm back in elf mode, and I got to spend a little time sculpting last night.  I've been dabbling more in paperclay lately (although I'll never give up my love of polymer), and I'm working on a new primitive Santa candy container.  So, here's a peek at the work in progress -

As always, I'm battling with the primitive look.  Switching from the realistic polymer sculpts to a more primitive paperclay look is a battle!  One side of my brain is screaming  "LET it be primitive!!"  The other side is reasoning, "That's not an accurate scale, and the palm...."  well, you get the picture!  Stay tuned to see who wins...

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