Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...and Christmas Tree...and...

It's been such a nice Thanksgiving weekend!  God was dipping out blessings and shakin' them all over our family!  We ate too much, and we had fun together!  We had a small crew putting up the Christmas tree this year, but we still got it done. Here's the family tree with lots of different ornaments -

We did a lodge look in one bedroom - I wish you could see the deer horns better because they look pretty cool!

We put a small tree in the front window.  It still needs some work!

And my little prim tree in the craftroom... a few more toys and it should be done.

Then there's the giant tree standing in our bedroom with no decorations.  I just needed one more day off! 

I also took a little stroll down Memory Lane today, as I dragged out the Santas that aren't already out all year(hehehe).  I got this old fella out.  He's the very first Santa I ever sculpted!  He makes me laugh with his bushy hair, his flat little fingers, and his slightly burned nose that makes him look as if he's been taking a little nip, but he also makes me smile.

If it weren't for this jolly, old soul, I wouldn't be creating Santas today.  It's nice to stroll down Memory Lane now and then.  It makes me appreciate all God's allowed me to do in my life.

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