Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hubert Update! He is Done!

Hubert is done!  He's come a long way from the crazed bunny he began as last weekend!  He's just in time to spread a little Easter cheer...he hopes...

 Hubert recently heard the Easter Bunny might be retiring, and this might be his big chance. But, alas, Hubert just doesn't seem to have the knack of color coordination. I don't think the Easter Egg Commission would ever approve his application. Please don't tell Hubert, though. He would be devestated.

We already have too many mouths to feed around here that can't earn their keep.  Hubert is up for adoption on Etsy at Sherry's Cabin.  Won't you take him in?  He really is an easy keeper.


  1. He's adorable!!!! I love that lil' cottontail! ♥

  2. Thank you! He's still hopping around my table!


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