Sunday, July 8, 2012

Santa, Santa, Everywhere a Santa

In my previous post dedicated to my friend, I stated God was good, and, indeed, He is!  So, my question is - is He in my craftroom?  Is He in your art studio, your kitchen?  Or, does He stay in your neat little church box?  God reigns in every room of my house, and, yes, He is in my craftroom.  How does that work?  God is our Creator.  Take one hour away from the city, the "busy" of life, and look around at His handiwork.  His creativity and diversity is mind-boggling.  Genisis 1:27 says So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.  I was made in his image.  I have a spirit of creativity.  God has given me the desire to create, and He blesses me to be able to do so.
Now how does being a Santa artist play out in God's kingdom?  It plays just fine because I know who gets the glory, whose birth I celebrate at Christmas, and who my Savior is.  Santa, on the other hand, is a nice little fella that makes people smile and carries a persona of a warm heart.  In everything I do, I am committed to work for God, and He allows me to enjoy sculpting in my craftroom.  If my artwork brings joy to someone, if I can give it away to make someone smile, or if I can give God the glory when I talk to others about it, then my art has served its purpose. 

Here is my latest finished Santa -

He stands 41 inches tall.  I really like the way he turned out. 

 I also started a new smaller Santa yesterday, and his head is cooling as I type.  Here he was on his way to the oven -

Good Night all!


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