Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just Had to Get The Old Hag outa My Head!!

It is truly late to be creating Halloween sculpts, but I had an old hag rattling around in my head that just had to come out!  She started a few weeks ago as a sketch...I wanted to make some cards, but I found out my scanner will NOT read pencil drawings well...argghh....

Today I wandered off from my chores and into the craftroom to grab a ball of clay...she sure wanted to be silly....

Ok, I know...the blue eyes seem a little off, but that's all I had, and I just had to stop this old hag from rattling around my little skull any longer.  She's starting to pull together, although she doesn't look like my sketch -

She's going to be a bust, so I should be able to get her done tomorrow.  We'll see...Night all!

May God find Glory in your dreams.

I thought I would edit the post and give you a final peek at Aunty Ruth.

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