Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Rest and Random Thoughts

Life is good.  Even with the craziness of my dad's surgery and the sudden need to depend on us, life is still good.  If you don't believe me, just watch the sun rise...
and gaze in amazement.  I snapped this color splash one morning this week.  I wonder how many people drive by the crazy lady stopped on the side of the road snapping photos of the sky and wonder from where I've escaped!  I would love to have the paints in God's art box, wouldn't you?  Take time to enjoy things that make you happy.  Jake and I hung out together at the WTLA Longhorn Show recently...
I don't know about you, but spending time with my four-legged kids makes me happy!
Cimarron, my extremely wild mustang...ha...and I spent a little time together this afternoon working on de-spooking...he looks worried, doesn't he?
Last week I got to be a part of an amazing day at the Cowgirl's for Christ Cowgirl Gatherin', and that, my friends, blessed my socks off!  I was asked to speak...just proves God's grand sense of humor!  I showed up and handed my mouth over to God.  I'm still not sure what I said, but after talking with them when I was done, several ladies heard a message they needed to hear that day.  Way to go, Lord!  That makes me happy!
Gayland and Rooster even showed up to welcome all of the women to the conference.  I have an awesome husband!  That makes me happy!
So, how's your glass looking today????