Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Art Therapy for Me

With school coming to a close and the many hats I where, I haven't settled in to sculpt anything lately.  I can't seem to get in the mood.  I have, however, been doodling away!  I've always drawn and painted with acrylics, but I've been finding myself interested in mixed media artists and doodle artists lately - yes, I've found doodle artists!  I read an article about artist markers, watched some video clips, and have been really wanting to try them.  Well, it just happens I've been saving some birthday money, and Michael's ran 40% of all artist markers today!  Those little babies are expensive!!!! 
Off I went to carefully select a few colors and to get a very small set. 

Maybe I should have bought clay... It seems I can color with very expensive markers just like I can color with the Crayola markers I use in my classroom....:(
Maybe with a little practice???? And many more shades of markers????

First I doodled...

No, I don't know where she came from any more than the Pond Diva I drew yesterday.  I have this secret plan to one day retire and draw pictures for greeting cards over which companies will be fighting..hehehe...I can dream, can I?  Ok, so maybe that's not in the foreseeable future. 

Then while I was scanning her to share, I plopped in some background color and hit the tubes...

Then why not tone down the background and add a little frame...

So, does this count as being productive on this school holiday???  I haven't had any calls from Hallmark just yet....

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