Thursday, May 9, 2013

Challenge Day 5 - God's Artwork

Now I'm making up the rules as I go here, so I don't guess I can actually break them.  If there were rules, I would think that I shouldn't return to the same focal point for a second picture....but this rule doesn't happen to exist, so I ventured back to snap a second photo of Day 2's artwork.  God's blessed us with rain, and I couldn't pass up the flash of color!

Day 5 - God's Artwork
For those of us who live in West Texas who are so accustomed to the browns, the grays, the dust, and the drought, we might just ought to make a closer inspection.  The colors are in small splashes, but the color palette trumps any box of colors Crayola ever sold! 


  1. You are right, Sherry. Color is beautiful, and you certainly captured it!

  2. Awesome!!! I have to admit I like black and white photos but I love to see the vivid colors more. Black and whites always makes me think that things are so prim and proper and elegant..untouchable. But wild bright colors just makes me want to smile and giggle. Must say am still enjoying seeing the world thru your little eyeballs..who would of thought a weed could so pretty!!!

  3. Thanks Judy! I'm having fun, but probably spending way too much time running around the pasture with my phone. :)


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