Sunday, May 12, 2013

Challenge Day 8

It's a beautiful Sunday, and I was able to get my photo early this morning!  For those that attend Cowboy Church, you know dogs, horses, and folks are welcome.  For those that don't, we'd love to have you join us!  Red Dog was making his usual rounds before church with his dad and me following along, and we came across another splash of color that seemed to wave at me and plead for its picture to be taken.

I was asked what camera I am using.  It's part of my rules for the challenge that I can only use my iPhone, so iPhone it is!  It's certainly not too late for you to play along with me.  Get out this week and look for God's artwork.  Snap it and post it anywhere to share!  Have a blessed week, and get out there and bless someone else!


  1. Wow for some reason your post made tears come to my eyes...not really forsure why, maybe just the simple message. But job well down my friend...well done indeed!

  2. Awesome message my friend-awesome indeed!


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