Friday, May 10, 2013

God's Artwork and Incredible Designs Day 6

Have you ever thought about bugs?  Those of you that have hung around me any time at all know I like bugs.  They are amazing little, living design miracles!  Do you realize the mulititudes of specialized features these little pests have?  The perfectly hinged joints, the color schemes, the defense mechanisms, the intricate life cycles that all intertwine with one another...pretty cool, huh? 

For those that cannot grasp the idea, of God's intelligent design, spend the day with bugs.  What an ingenious Architect!


  1. wow that is an awesome picture!!! that lil dude is bright!! what camera are you using? Well another awesome job and yes you are most certainly a bug lady..heehee ladybug backwards!!! you should put your spider up here as an extra one day. the picture you took of that big one on your porch i think....remember?

  2. awesome job!!! he is a bright lil dude. you are certainly a bug lady..hee hee ladybug backwards! You need to put the picture of that big spider you took as an extra one day. that too is a neat picture and spider webs are just cool!!!

  3. what a bright lil dude!!


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