Monday, May 6, 2013

God's Artwork - Day 2

God's Artwork- Day 2

My goodness, what have I done?  This challenge may be an obsessive thing....or, is that me???  I raced home today, jumped out of the truck, and ran toward the house to grab a sweatshirt (thank you, Lord, for the rain today) to head off in search of today's photo.  With dog in tow, we tromped through the fresh mud to find today's winner.  What is the problem, you ask?  You see, it's got to be just right...then I must snap it several times, as I am NOT a photographer...then I must play with the oh, so cool editing's off to another possibility...back inside...back outside....was this supposed to be quick? 
What do you think?  Anyone playing along with me?  Come on, I know you have a phone, and we all need to take time to appreciate the awesome and diverse beauty God sprinkles us with each day.

....and, if I were to post a second photo might have been this one....

However, since I'm not...just pretend you never saw it! hehehe


  1. Perfection....well worth the wait!!! It is so sad that we get so caught up in our world that we forget to look at God's simple pieces of art all around us. I gotta say to look at His work thru your eyes is very exciting!!! Good job...can't wait til tomorrow.....


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