Monday, August 12, 2013

New Beginnings

This past week has had some awesome beginnings- new journeys.  It's always exciting to see what God has planned for me...some times I wish He'd give me the memo ahead of time, but it's always exciting!  After a year and a half of groundwork I rode Cimarron for the first time.
He's awesome!  His biggest obstacle is his rider....that's just the way it is, have to play the cards you're dealt.

....and a couple of days later, I rode Big Jake for the first time.  (He's still growing into his name!)  Thoughts of a longhorn when you crawl on and say, "Let's go!"......"Woman, are you crazy?  I'm a cow...well, technically a steer, but that doesn't make you less crazy!"

It is the beginning of a new school year, as well.  I am so blessed to have been called to teach.  Now that doesn't mean that, on occasion, I'm not asking, God are you crazy?  ....and He is thinking, "Woman, are you crazy?"  

My art has taken on some new beginnings, too, but more about that another day.

Thank The Lord for this day!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

From the Work Table and Sunday Evening Thoughts

As the weekend comes to a close, we've seen God's handiwork firsthand once again.  Yesterday we buried a family member, and, as we did, I watched in admiration as our church helped to orchestrate a beautiful service and lunch for everyone.  Thank you to all who pitched in to help.

We closed the evening with a beautiful wedding where we got to see a dear friend marry the love of her life.  That makes me smile that there are still those in the younger generation that understand God's plan.

So, what's happening on the work table, you ask?  I did get a chance this afternoon to create the armature to sculpt my first BJD - ball-jointed doll.  Are you wondering why I've decided to give this a try?  Well, me, too...hehehe....  It is truly a challenge and is out of my normal creative swing, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I decided to go with the female I sculpted first after finding the perfect inspiration in a vintage circus photo.

Here's what was on the worktable today-

A little flame throwing...
and the armature is born....

Stay tuned!

May God bless the trails you ride.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

News from the Cabin

Good Morning!
I hope this finds you dripping in God's blessings this morning!

So, I've been thinking about how to revive my blog.  It seems Facebook has been a blog killer for me.  It's entirely too easy to post a quick message there and neglect the blog that I love.  I appreciate those followers who have stayed around to check in on me once in awhile!  Now it's time, though, to shake this thing up a little.  My goal is to build a following that will drive me to post regularly here.  I don't want to be my only reader! 

My blog is a place where I share God's word, give you a peek at my art table, share my art, and laugh at our animals.  My question to you is:
Why do you visit my blog? 
What interests you here?
What would make you visit again?

I would appreciate your thoughts and comments!  I love this little blog, and I want to give it life again.

...and now....what is on my art table?

I am attempting my first ball-jointed doll.  Well, actually two.  I'm working on a woman and an elf.  This is new territory for me, so stay tuned to see if I come out with BJDs or a pile of parts to be randomly used at Halloween!

Remember to watch for God's blessings today!