Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finish - On Friday!! Watercolor Ladybug is Done! Give Away!!

I was happy to finish the little ladybug I was working on last night just in time to use for a little something for a friend!  Here she is -

I'm feeling spring in the air ( or maybe wishing), and I'm trying to get some of you up and, I'm feeling a Give-Away coming on!  I've been in the watercolor card making spirit, and I've designed several note card sets with my watercolor prints on the card front.

I'm giving away a set of the winner's choice!!!  So, how do you win?  Leave a comment on this blog telling us what you're creating.  That's it!  Your name is in the drawing!  If you participated in one of the challenges I've posted for the new year, email me a picture, and you're in again!  Tell us how you've used your art for God's glory in the new year, and you're in AGAIN!!  Who knows, I might even give away two sets!

So, what's on your worktable?  Did you have a Friday Finish?

Enjoy the Weekend!

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