Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Challenge - It's OK to Color Outside the Lines!

I'm glad you've stopped by for the first challenge.  There's no backing out now!  If you've joined me for the art journey this year, here's your chance to break out of the box.

The Challenge:

  • Choose a medium that you've never tried, or one you've just dabbled in a little bit.
  • Check out some how-to videos.  There are so many great artists that are willing to share!
  • Pick a person to create for - this will give you some direction, and you'll bless someone at the same time!
  • Gather what you need, and, remember, you can make beautiful pieces on a budget.
  • Create ART!!!!
So, what did I choose?  Mixed media.  I am, by no means, a mixed media artist.  In fact, the one piece I've made is really just a painted canvas with a few pieces of paper stuck to it.  Jeanne Oliver creates beautiful mixed media art and has shared some wonderful videos.  If you've not found her site for artists, you should drop by!  One of her tutorials is on creating a vintage girl in mixed media.  I chose to go Victorian for a friend's sewing room.
Here's what I've found out about myself so far...
  • My art is precise - neat, square, and accurately detailed....not always a good thing.
  • I don't like to cover up my background after I've created it.
Here's a peek at the work-in-progress-

So far, I've done a background of old sewing advertisements, covered it with sewing pattern paper, sketched and painted the vintage woman with acrylics, added some old thread labels, used some watercolor and charcoal pencils, and added some flowered paper.  
It's a far cry from the layers of beauty of true mixed media artists, but I'm forcing myself to keep adding.  I wish I had taken a picture of the first time I said, "Ok, I'm done."  I didn't realize how truly flat my first version was.  The more I color and dab stuff on, the more I'm liking her.
What I've learned....
     there's power in letting go of perfection.  I'll never achieve it anyway...
                  ...and the the art Nazis didn't show up when I colored outside the lines!

So, what will you choose?  Go ahead, leave us a comment!

Mixed Media UPDATE:
   Ok, I'm done...really, this time I'm done!


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