Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Creative Challenge - Break Out the Camera

Are you creating with us?  Are you using your gifts to make a difference for God's Kingdom or to give Him glory?  If you haven't already joined our journey, it's not too late!  We kicked off at the New Year, so you have plenty of time to participate.  Let's have some fun with a new challenge this week!


  • Capture God's Beauty around you.
  • Break out the camera and put on your artistic eyeglasses!
  • Find something unique or interesting, or just plain beautiful, to photograph.
  • Take a bunch of pictures - zoomed, odd angles, zoomed pieces of the scene, etc.
  • Apply some photo apps or Photoshop to give the photo some pizzazz if needed!
  • Now, decide how you could use this photo artistically!  Mixed media, framed, sketched and painted, background paper, scrapbooking......
  • Bless someone with your new creation!
You don't always have to have a paintbrush in your hand to create art.  You might just need a camera lens!  The fact of the internet world is we must always be honing our photography skills because that's usually the only way folks see our work.  That's an area I REALLY need to work on, so why not make it a challenge!

Let's take a look at the photos I shot for this post!

First - junky background...slightly out of focus....and poor lighting...YUCK!

By the way, I am a master of bad photography!

...tried a filter...still YUCK!

...changed the angle, the filter, the background, and zoomed in...
That was the same poor lighting, but I was holding a piece of white paper to the right of the camera to reflect some light.  Still not amazing, but so much better!
I then took it several times with different filters -

Go ahead, give it a try, and share!!

What did you find that caught your eye around you?  Please share with us!  You can email the photo to me, and you might just be featured on the blog!  Be sure to share any techniques you used to enhance the photo, too!

May God Bless you with lots of beauty to behold!


  1. Hello Sherry!!! Been a long time hasn't it , Good to see you again, your photos are stunning !!!

    1. Flora!!! I'm glad you stopped by! It has been a long time. Thank you for the kind words! I've been dealing with my dad's health, and I haven't been able to sit down at the computer in some time. I finally have a day to spend some time with my internet friends and my blog. I hope you have a fabulous day! Drop back in if you get a chance!
      God bless,


Howdy Do! Glad you stopped by!