Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Challenge – 29 Faces Continues

I hope you have joined in on the 29 Faces of February Challenge!  It is a great way to stretch your creativity, and for those on a budget, it's virtually free to play!

Weekend Challenge

Find the brightest colors in your box… crayons, markers, paints, whatever you have... create a face for the challenge.

No holds barred – splash that color!  Think of all the colors of spring, and splash them on your page!  

Now of course here's the best part – think of a way to make someone else's day with your artwork!  Here's a little watercolor I splashed last night.

Come on, share with us. What's the most creative way you can brighten someone's day with this challenge piece?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Challenge Takes on the 29 Faces Challenge for the Month of February!

It's late Sunday evening, and we've had a long weekend with my dad back in the hospital.  I know God has a plan for every moment of our lives, but it is so hard to watch him suffer.  Thanks to friends and family for the many prayers that are being prayed.

On the art side of things, I finally remembered the 29 Faces Art Challenge before the 28th day of the challenge!  If you're up for it, just tap on the button on the sidebar.  A face a day for the entire month of February.


Join us for the 29 Faces Challenge!  Now, of course, I must challenge you to use that to be fruitful!

  • Create a face a day this week!
  • Make at least one of the faces a drawing, painting, etc. - 2D
  • Scan your work.
  • Grab some notecard blanks, some decorative paper, and some ribbon.
  • Print some copies of your faces onto cardstock.
  • Think of inspirational words or scripture that would be uplifting to others.
  • Get busy and make some awesome cards!
Once you've done the work, now it's time to share.  You could write notes to friends and send the cards, or better yet, make a gift set of cards to give to someone just because...

So, how have my 29 Faces started?
I already started a little behind, as I forgot about the Challenge until today.  That's ok, though...I did a super, quick little 'toon sketch that really should have hit File 13 and did a pencil sketch of an Indian chief.  With time being short, I made a couple of rules for myself today - work quick and leave the eraser on the bench!  This is what came to be...

 And my "cheater" face to get caught up!!

May God's Word be a Lamp to your feet this week!