Saturday, March 8, 2014

The First Signs of Spring - Stop and Look Around!

As you move about this Saturday morning, I hope you are rested and enjoying the day.  What lens are you looking through this morning?  The one that is focused on your pile of problems?  The one that is focused on all of the things you have to do?  Well, I've got some words of wisdom for you...

I've looked through those other lenses lately, and they are worthless.  I may not be world-renowned, but I have an artist's heart.  God put it there, and I'm glad because I'm always watching for the new paintings He's creating on His canvas.  Refocus your lens today and look for the signs of spring that are popping up around us.  God has already started dripping dabs of color!  I snapped these this past week-

The vultures are back, too!  I'm supposing you never thought of that as a beautiful thing...or even thought of it, for that matter.  They showed up just down the road a few weeks ago, and it brought a smile to my face.  You see, as they show up on the scene, other signs of spring are sure to follow.  We're on the count down, folks...twelve days and counting!  

So, what lens are you going to spend your day looking through?  The one focused on your problems...or the one focused on God?  I'll give you a hint of which one I chose this morning - it comes with peace, joy, strength, and an amazing color palette!

Happy Saturday!

Leave us a comment, and let us know what is in your lens today.

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