Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watercolor pencils - A New Joy in my Life

I think God must have dropped watercolor pencils into my life.  In fact, the set I started using a couple of months ago had been in my pencil box for years without use.  They are a creative quick-fix!  With all that is needing my attention in life at the moment, the time spent in my craft room is short - no hours for sculpting or layering acrylics.
How are the watercolor pencils different, you ask?  You did ask, didn't you?  Well, they are fast and colorful.  They seem to be full of cheer without being caught up in minute details (which is, by the way, where I am entangled most of my life).
Yesterday I was able to scribble a flower with the pencils in the morning, left it without having to care for it, and splashed it with my brush last night to spill out the color.  I actually over-watered the flower and got it a bit muddied, but that's ok, too; as it's just a piece of paper with some pencil scribbles - nothing lost if the whole thing goes in File 13.

I've since bought a couple more boxes of pencils and some singles since I first started playing with them.  They are relatively cheap, too!  That's always a bonus.  I have found there are definite differences in the quality of different brands, but I'll save that for another post.
...and another great feature....I am absolutely clueless as to how they are supposed to be used, and I can still make art with them!  I am sure there are countless videos and lessons on how to use these little guys correctly, but why spoil the fun.  If you've not tried watercolor pencils, and you need a quick art fix, give them a try!

Thank you, Lord, for still allowing the art to escape from me while meeting life's present demands.  My God is an awesome God!   

So, what's on your work table this morning?  
We'd love to hear about it!

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