Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Challenge - Art Journaling

My apologies for the silence here at Sherry's Cabin.  My dad is still in poor health, and I haven't had much leisure time.  I am currently working on some art projects for ladies going through cancer treatments.  God has had this on my heart for quite awhile now, and all of the details just haven't played out, yet.  I know they will in His timing.  This brings me to our Weekend Challenge in a round-about way!  I have journaled my entire life in one form or another...I should own stock in composition books!  There are those writers and artists who work page by page, like clockwork, to fill each journal....
   And then there are those people like me who start a journal, write awhile, put it on a shelf, find a new journal, dedicate it to some specific writing or drawing....forget what it's dedicated for and write the grocery list in it....get another journal....surely I'm not the only half-cocked journal junkie out I?

One of the art lessons for the the workshop is on art journaling.  There are endless ways to creatively journal, and I don't even attempt to call myself an expert on art journaling; I do, however, know how to spend time with God and how to be thankful for blessings that rain down on me every day.   I know our art journey this year is to be "Movers and Shakers" for God's Kingdom.  Sometimes that requires us to spend some time on ourselves.  God never told you to ignore yourself, hate yourself, mistreat yourself - many of the things some do in trying to think and do for others.
To be on fire for God, you need some fuel - some time with Him.  This leads us to our challenge!

Weekend Challenge:

Begin a new Art Journal.  It can be a purchased journal, or loose pages you later bind together.  Dedicate this journal to thankfulness, blessings, and scriptures that speak to your heart.  There's no time-frame, no number of entries, and no artistic musts.  It's about spending time being appreciative of the blessings in your life - big and small.  Did you have running water for a shower today?  How about heat?  Did you eat?  Talk?

Getting the picture?  We are blessed.  Each page should capture your thoughts for the day - positive, thankful thoughts.  Keep the woe-is-me thoughts for another journal...or better yet, forget about them all together.  What a heart-warming lift this would be at the end of the year to see all of the wonders God worked in your life over the year - the grand and the everyday that we take for granted.

My Work-in-Progress:

The beginnings of my page here may seem quite odd at the moment - bald and faceless, but I've only just begun!

What are you thankful for?  
Share a journal page with us!  
We'd love to see what God is doing you your life!

Journal Page Update:

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