Sunday, April 27, 2014

Are You Afraid of Monsters?

Do you ever need to do something just for the fun of it?  Something completely unproductive?  That's what happened on my last art journal page...
My question to myself was, "What am I thankful for today?"  ....and the answer...


Yes, today I am thankful for monsters!  The world is filled with monsters, but I don't let them scare me.  God handles the heavies - evil, sickness, and sorrow.  He leaves the light weights for me; although, I suspect He's really never far away from even the smallest of beasts.  I know you're wondering if I've lost my mind, and it is quite possible, but let me explain.
I love monsters that make me smile.  Closet Beasts and People Eaters, Under-the-Bed Monsters and Candy Bandits have long filled my imagination and my sketch pad.  Even the most fierce Purple People Eater was putty in my hands when I was a kid.  His wild locks swirled everywhere, and his eye never blinked.  He stood guard hour after hour.  Fearlessly, I stroked his purple locks to keep him under my spell.  Well, that's the way I remember it it, anyway!
The Purple People Eater and I have long since parted ways, but he still visits my sketch pad now and then as a reminder to smile and laugh out loud for no particular reason.  Sometimes we just need to create something silly!  I am thankful to God that He handles the heavies and leaves the little monsters of my imagination to make me laugh and smile.

Weekend Assignment

Create something silly!  That's it - that's your assignment.  I know your thinking we're supposed to be creating art to make a difference for God, and you are right.  So, once you're done, put it in a random place to make someone smile, or mail it to someone with no explanation.  Maybe you could write a story about your silly thing and share it with your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews.  Believe me, time spent with them is not wasted in God's eyes.  Go on now.  Make someone grin!

Proverbs 17:22

 A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones.

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