Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been!  I can't begin to thank God enough for His daily blessings.  I hope your year was filled with His gifts, as well.  We're iced in and hunkered down by the fire - quite a drastic change from the 60 and 70 degree weather we've been having!

We had lots of fun with grandkids over the week of Christmas! And, although the new den is still under construction, we were able to have Christmas in there.  The time we spent with our family was the best gift of all (I do LOVE my new ceiling fans in the craftroom and my new Shark, though!).

With the cold weather and some relaxing vacation time, I've been thinking about where the new year will take my creativity.  I flipped through old art magazines, dared myself to make a paint mess.... those who know my "OCD"ness will understand the challenge in this...

To be honest, it just doesn't thrill me.  Now and again, I get the feeling I need to be creating what others are - to expand and try different styles.  That is true, to an extent, but in the end, it comes down to the fact that God has given me certain talents for creating and joy that comes when I'm creating things that I like.  Occasionally, I get the notion I need to be creating something that interests the rest of the world, but that never plays out the way I imagine.  

I guess my art journals and canvases will be filled with horses and mules, old boots, and such, and God's Word, of course.  Earlier in the week, I watercolored the imfamous Ima Jean...

Now, that's what makes me smile!  So, I guess in a long-winded explanation, my art will continue to reflect the things I love, and my hope will be that God will use it to make someone else's days brighter.

I am super excited about the New Year and bringing more thrifty art challenges to the work table for those of you who play along with me.  Let's really step out for God this year and make the ol' devil wish he'd kept his mouth shut!  

Happy New Year
from Sherry's Cabin
the Hall Gang!