Friday, March 13, 2015

3...2...1...Spring Break, Spring Art Jam, and Spring Cleaning!

Let the games begin!  It's after 6 pm, and it's finally sinking in that Spring Break has started - a welcome relief from the state testing frenzy that is going on in schools across the state.  I've already had my pencil out to welcome spring in with some art, and I'm feeling the need to splash some colors around this evening!

I know I've got a long Spring Cleaning list, but I've added some fun to the mix, too, with a countdown to spring - one piece of "Spring" art per day to celebrate.  I'll be posting daily updates and works-in-progress with hopes of some of you joining me.  How cool would that be.... a flood of springtime awesomeness from all the folks who drop by here.  Photography counts, of course!  Help us count down by sharing in the comments, or sending me a picture via the email link on the sidebar.

Come on, are you in?

 PM Paint Update....

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