Friday, March 20, 2015

Digital Art - The Battle Continues

Digital Art...oh, how I've had my battles with that term.  I've wrapped up a week of physically painting a watercolor a day for my Spring Countdown Art Jam, and then I pick up the latest Digital Studio Magazine while watching the rain on this first day of spring.  I started reading about one of the featured artists and came across a couple of new photo apps I hadn't seen.... One of them being Waterlogue.  And, yes, as the name suggests, it turns your photo into a watercolor painting....
And a good one, I might add.

These first three are different versions of this photo I took looking out the window-

Pretty amazing, right?  The app not only changes it, but it paints it before your eyes.  That's where I struggle with digital art.  I feel like I'm cheating!  These photos are, by no means, deemed art, but there are artists who take photos and transform them into beautiful pieces with layer upon layer of digital brushes, stamps, and images without ever getting paint on themselves. I know there are thousands of art forms, and I'm not knocking the hours of work that go into the layers created by digital artists.  It's the little voices in my own head that keep calling me Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater when I create "art" digitally.  I guess that's where my struggle lies - what constitutes art?

I'll never turn loose of my paints and my clay, but digital art keeps poking its finger at me. I don't like being taunted, so I keep dabbling.
The next photo app up for testing was SnapSeed.  I don't do gloomy art, but I loved, loved, loved these effects.  The spooky story wheels were churning.

I could already imagine snapping photos of seemingly, ordinary scenes at school... a little SnapSeed magic, and Viola.... the perfect setting for a spooky mystery or Halloween tale.  I know, it's the first day of spring, but one can never plan too early!

The final app in today's test run is called Mobile Monet.  If you'd like to get a quick tour into the world of Impressionism, this might be the app you need.

I liked this look, too.  I tried to find some off-the-wall facts to drop on you about Monet but was saddened to read he was an atheist.  Imagine a gift given by God never acknowledged by its recipient.  I wasn't surprised to read he'd tried to drown himself in the Seine River.  I'll leave the puns for another day, and, instead, thank God for His gifts and soak up the blessing of creating - whether with a paintbrush, a computer, or an iphone.

How about you?  Have you thanked the Lord today?

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